J Baghlaf Holding Group History

J Baghlaf Holding Group History
Amal Al Khair Holding Group
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In the eyes of the business community, Jamal Baghlaf Holding Group  is an institution that has endured the challenges over the years as  one of the most respected holding group in the Kingdom of Saudi  Arabia. In 1955 Sheikh Ahmed Mohammad Baghlaf established one of the  first commercial money transfer companies in al Khobar covering the  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC market. Since then the Baghlaf  family have established a sound reputation within the Saudi Arabian,  GCC and Middle East Markets. Our group, under the leadership of  Sheikh Jamal Ahmed Baghlaf, son of Sheikh Ahmed Mohammad Baghlaf,  has created a separate diversified portfolio of business activities  for his group of companies and has expanded its business activities,  drawing upon the families deep ties to its historical business  excellence. Our business has expanded into a diversified business  portfolio in the local and international markets including:


Jamal Baghlaf Holding Group
-> Amal Al Khair Holding Group
- Dates Production.
- Animal Feed Production.
- Premium Poultry Eggs Production.
-> Jamal Baghlaf Real Estate
- Real Estate Developments.
- Commercial Cold Storage Solutions.

-> Al Qassr Al Jameel
- Hospitality, Pastry and Restaurants.
- Events & Marketing.

-> 1st Jeem Wholesale and Distribution